The Core

Forget You


Father's Day 2017

Tipping Point

Easter 2017

Palm Sunday 2017

Keystone Habits


We live in a culture where things shift, change, and become obsolete on a minute-by-minute basis. We’ve all invested ourselves in things that seemed like they would last, only to watch them crumble beneath our feet. So what does it take to stand the test of time? When everything seems to change


We all have favorite Christmas movies. They remind us of the joy, hope, peace, and love we celebrate during the holidays. But what if the movies we cherish echo something greater? What if, within our favorite stories, lies a subtle whisper of the Savior our hearts have longed for?

Making Change

One of the biggest struggles people face today is our finances. And it’s not easy to talk about. But the key to financial freedom is making a plan. In “Making Change,” we will explore four easy-to-remember thoughts that will help us chase (and find) financial freedom now and in the future: Les

What Keeps You Up At Night?

We all have something we fear. It might be stress, finances, our past or our children’s future. And for most of us, as our fear becomes greater, our faith in God becomes smaller. But a life of crippling fear is not what Jesus intended for us. So how do we bring our fears to Him, so that our faith

The Lost Art of Friendship

A 4-week series examining how our friends impact our lives and what the Bible says on how we can have deeper, more healthy, and better friendships.

Finding Your Way Back to God