Great Expectations

A Great Experience Requires A Great Expectation

I've Already Decided

Great Expectations Week 3 • January 28, 2018 • Nirup Alphonse

A greater experience of God requires a greater expectation from God. However, that expectation must require that we predetermine that we will see God show Himself powerful in our lives. In this final message of the series, Pastor Nirup teaches through Psalm 63 on 7 different postures of prayer and worship and how they fuel our expectation of God.

The Space Between

Great Expectations Week 2 • January 14, 2018 • Nirup Alphonse

You are not where you once were and not where you want to be. We live in this space of expectations. How we fit that space matters. In this message Pastor Nirup uses Psalm 63 to teach us the space of our suffering is an opportunity to be filled with prayer and worship.

A New Approach

Great Expectations • January 7, 2018 • Nirup Alphonse

Year after year we see in others and in ourselves a desire for a greater experience of God yet we always seem to find ourselves disappointed. In this message, Pastor Nirup takes us through Psalm 63 and shows us how God gives us a greater experience of Him as we approach him in prayer and worship.