Does God Tell The Truth?

May 31, 2020 | Toddler

May 31, 2020

Today, your kids will learn: •God is Truth. •Even though people may lie to us, God does not. •Lying is a sin — it is against God’s character. •We can trust God’s words. What God says is true, so what he teaches through the writers of the Bible is true, too. •Some parts of the Bible use poetry or word pictures to teach us God’s truth. These word pictures may not be literally true (like that God has feathers — Psalm 91), but what they teach us is true (God protects his children). Before You Begin: Read the Bible story (Genesis 17:1-8, 17:15-21 & 21:1-7) and the Memory Verse (Numbers 23:19). Before the Video: SAY: Last week we learned about how big God’s love is. We learned that God loves us even when we ? (Let kids fill in the blank.) Remember the story of Peter? What did Jesus do when Peter denied knowing him? That’s right – Jesus told Peter he loved him and worked through Peter to tell the world of his love! SAY: Would you say that Peter and Jesus were friends? Yes, they were! Do you have a good friend? One of the things that helps people be good friends is by telling the truth to each other. You can’t be a good friend to someone who lies to you all of the time, can you? No! Remember that we talked a few weeks ago about how God is trustworthy. One of the reasons that God is the best friend we can have is because we can trust him and the truths he reveals in the Bible. SAY: Clive and Ian want to know more about God telling the truth. Let’s see what they learn about God’s honesty. Watch the video, then click on the Toddler Lesson.

New Distinction & Directive

CITIZEN - WEEK 5 • July 5, 2020 • Lis Cheesman

Ephesians 2:11-22 goes into some of the separations that the early church was experiencing based on race and other cultural backgrounds. We are not called to be a church divided that only practices unity in theory, but rather in action. Watch as Connections Pastor, Lis Cheesman, takes us through CITIZEN - Week 5

Alive and Active

CITIZEN - Week 4 • June 28, 2020 • Nirup Alphonse

The Citizen of Heaven is alive in Christ and active in the Kingdom. Therefore, as Citizens, this is our call, to be consistently engaged, consistently growing, and always working with a kingdom mindset. God has provided us with a person to live in and a purpose to die for. Watch as Pastor Nirup takes us through our fourth week of CITIZEN.

Necessary Kingship

June 21, 2020 • Trevor Maggart

So often, we, as citizens of Heaven, forget who we belong to. We forget whose we are, and we desire only the benefits of the Kingdom. The truth is, we cannot have the benefits of the Kingdom without the King. Watch as Pastor Trevor leads us through the third week of our CITIZEN Series.