When God Calls

Jonah Episode 1 | KidsLife TV

November 1, 2020

KidsLife Families! Watch Episode One in our series, Jonah. This episode of KidsLIFE TV will include worship, a teaching video, games, prayer, and will be hosted by some very special guests. Encourage your kids to learn and worship, maybe even watch the kids content together as a family. Talk to your kids about what they learn and what questions they have. Throughout the week you can continue to talk about the things we challenge them with in the videos, help them print and complete the craft or coloring page and practice the memory verse for the series with them. Perhaps read the story of Jonah along with them throughout the week. The focus this week is on chapter one of Jonah, that God calls him and he does the opposite. We will learn that even when God calls us too scary or hard things he is with us and wants us to run to Him. We also share that when we miss the mark of God that is sinning, but we don’t have to hide from God when we sin because of Jesus’ sacrifice we can ask for forgiveness when we make mistakes.