How Do We Show Respect To God Through Our Actions?

July 26, 2020 | Elementary Lesson

July 26, 2020

This week your child will learn that: •God has many instructions on how we can behave with love and respect. •We show respect to God by following his words on how to behave. •Jesus gave us 2 short commandments: Love God with all of your heart. Love others the way you want to be loved. •We are to put others first. •We should be kind to others, the way we want to be treated kindly. •We must always rely on God to help us respect him through our actions and to forgive us when we mess up. SAY: Do you remember what we talked about last week how we show God respect? We talked about how we use our words to show love to God and to others. This week, we are learning about how we show God respect through what we DO, our actions. Do you have any ideas how you can show God respect through what you do? Watch the lesson video: “How Do We Show Respect To God Through Our Actions?” Then click on the Elementary Lesson.