Living In Reflection

CITIZEN - Week 10

August 9, 2020 • Andrew Morrison

In week 10 of our CITIZEN Series, Andrew Morrison, a member of the LIFEGATE Teaching team, leads us through what practical Christianity looks like. Reflecting on actions, seeing where there may be sin even when it is unrecognized, and seeing how sin can be so easily hidden by culture and accepted as appropriate are all taught in this message.

The Armor

September 13, 2020 • Trevor Maggart

In our last week of the CITIZEN series, Pastor Trevor walks us through the armor of God and what that armor looks like in the world that we live in today.

Rights + Responsibilities

CITIZEN - Week 14 • September 6, 2020 • Lis Cheesman

Our Connections Pastor Lis Cheesman leads us through the second to last week of the CITIZEN series in a fairly difficult passage regarding bondservants and masters.

Love + Respect

CITIZEN - Week 13 • August 30, 2020 • Nirup Alphonse

Watch as Pastor Nirup and Hannah Alphonse lead us through the last part of Ephesians 5 regarding marriage as defined by Paul to the church of Ephesus.