Youth Camp

June 18 - July 5, 2024

Teen Camp (June 18-22)

Departing the church Tuesday 6/18 at 8am

Returning to the church Saturday 6/22 at 9am

Pre-teem (June 25-29)

Departing the church Tuesday 6/25 at 8am

Returning to the church Saturday 6/29 at 9am

Kids Camp (July 2-5)

Depart from the church Tuesday 7/2 at 1pm

Returning to the church Friday 7/5 at 9am


Tues-Camp Shirt



Fri-Red, White, and Blue

2024 Youth Camp Checklist

What to Bring

·        Bible

·        Bath towel(s) & washcloth(s)

·        Beach towel

·        Shoes & socks

·        Comb or Brush

·        Everyday Clothes (Enough for 4-5 days, you may need to change multiple times a day)

·        Flip flops for the shower(optional)

·        Laundry Bag

·        Modest swimsuit

·        Pajamas

·        Pillow

·        Sleeping bag or bed sheets

·        Soap, shampoo & conditioner

·        Spending money (suggested $25)

·        Sunscreen

·        Toothbrush & toothpaste

·        Deodorant (Please don’t forget this)

·        Underwear

·        Water bottle

·        A good attitude

·        An expectancy to see God move in your life

What Not to Bring

·        Any valuable items you may not want stolen or damaged: iPad, laptop, jewelry, etc.

·        Knives, utility tools, weapons of any kind

·        Drugs, cigarettes, alcohol

·        Pets (this should be a given but you never know)

·        A bad attitude

·        An unwillingness to seek the Face of God


Please Note: All necessary medication (day or night) must be in a Ziplock bag with your name and labeled instructions on the front and will be turned into the camp nurse at check-in.

*For more info, please contact Pastor Dalton or Pastor Katie*