2 Chronicles 29-32; 2 Kings 18-20; Isaiah 36-37

God is My Strength: The Life of Hezekiah

November 8, 2020 • Jonathan Herron • With Special Thanks to Ashland Theological Seminary and Dr. Robert Shirock

Welcome to Life Church where Faith is a Journey, Not a Guilt Trip! After a crazy week full of election infection, we're diving back into our 3 year journey thru the Scriptures called, 'God With Us.' Today we're looking at the life of King Hezekiah and how he dealt with anxiety and fear in his life (sound familiar?). /// NEW HERE? Let's Connect at LifeChurchWatchParties.com (you can also SHARE this livestream by texting the site to a friend!) /// NEXT SUNDAY we are celebrating BAPTISMS! If you have never taken the plunge, what are you waiting for?! Registration is now open at LifeChurchMichigan.com/baptisms /// BONUS STUDY NOTES from today's message will be available this week at LifeChurchMichigan.com/godwithus! /// THANK YOU for sharing your generosity at LifeChurchGive.com! /// REMEMBER to follow Life Church on Instagram + Twitter: @LifeMichigan!