The gospel was a plan

Xstream & Element

September 13, 2020 • Erouane Langard

The plan of God In the beginning, when God created the world, everything was perfect, there was no fight, no tears, no hurt, not even a bully on earth. There was so much love in the presence of God. It was a good vibe that Adam and Eve were enjoying. Then came the ancient snake, Satan, with his tricks and lies. He took advantage of the fact that Eve while Adam was away and caused her to eat the fruits God had forbidden. Adam and Eve listened to his lies and did what God said they shouldn't do and that’s how they committed the first sin. Now after they disobeyed, they lost the deep intimacy (personal relationship) they had with God. Sin separated they from God and they had to leave the beautiful garden of Eden. But God loved them so much! He didn't want to stay far from them. So, He made a plan to bring them back to the beautiful garden for them to be in His presence again. God promised that one day, Satan will be conquered and defeated. His head will be crushed by the son of man. God said that when it happens, mankind will be able to enjoy intimacy with God again and live happily in his presence like before. The good news is therefore a plan that God started right from the Garden of Eden and that plan was and still is Jesus! And that is exactly what God did because God is faithful to His promises. Let's pray together : Dear God, thank you for loving me so much that you always make a plan to save me when I make mistakes. I will always speak of your love to people who don't know you. In Jesus name I pray. Amen