Part 10 – Think Like A Son or Daughter!

The Pure Joy of Sonship

June 25, 2017 • Pastor Gregory Dickow • Galatians 4:4–7

What is the difference between thinking like a son or daughter of God, and thinking like a slave? If you have a right concept of God, it will lead you to live victoriously. This inspiring and practical teaching will show you how to have the mind-set of a son or daughter of God, which will cause you to believe how much God truly values you. This revelation will empower you to serve God and His purpose and destiny for your life as a result of the overflow of His love for you, and not to earn His grace, favor or blessing.

Part 1 – Gone Fishin'

Finding Purpose in Your Imperfections • April 23, 2017 • Pastor Gregory Dickow

Do you feel like you need to act perfectly all the time for God to love and use you? Christianity and being used by God are not for people who seemingly have it all together. People whom God used in the Bible all made mistakes, and yet God used them mightily to fulfill His purpose. This empowering message will inspire you to receive God's grace in the midst of all your mistakes, show you how to recover from a purposeless life, and teach you how to be used by God to fulfill your destiny.

Part 2 – Strengthened By Grace

The Path to Your Purpose • April 30, 2017 • Pastor Gregory Dickow

What do you do about the things you are struggling with in life? The good news is you have a Savior and a God Who is happy to help you in your time of need and wants to help you in the midst of your weaknesses. This encouraging teaching will reveal to you the way of escape, and Jesus as your great High Priest, Who sympathizes with your weaknesses, and gives you the right to come boldly to the throne of Grace to obtain mercy, and find grace to help you in your time of need.

Part 3 – The Purpose of Life

The Power of Thanks & Praise • May 7, 2017 • Pastor Gregory Dickow

Do you understand the purpose of life and what you were created for? You will never be satisfied, be truly happy, or have great joy in your life until you are doing what you were created to do. You were created to bring God pleasure and to be pleasing to Him. This practical and enlightening teaching will awaken you to the goodness of God, teach you how to have a thankful heart, and spark in you the joy of living and giving thanks to God for Who He is and all He has done in your life.