Sit With Me

The Invitation of a Lifetime

Part 1—Sit With Me ~ Jesus

The Invitation of a Lifetime • August 18, 2019 • Pastor Gregory Dickow

The most important thing that matters to God is that you understand what He is truly like and that you fellowship with Him. How can you develop an intimate relationship with Him? This practical and inspiring message will show you how to experience intimacy with God so you can understand your authority. This revelation will liberate you from the culture of comparisons, give you the ability to see from God's perspective, and view, live, and give life from the best seat in the house! Jesus' invitation to you to sit with Him is the invitation of a lifetime!

Part 2—Sit With Me – You Belong

Freedom From Insecurity • August 25, 2019 • Pastor Gregory Dickow

Do you ever lack confidence? Are you self-conscious about how you look or how others see you? Are you unhappy about your financial, emotional, or relational life? These are all signs of inferiority and insecurity, and God has an effective solution which will liberate you from them! God has seated you with Christ in heavenly places. What does that practically mean? This liberating teaching will show you how to be free from inferiority, insecurity, and a lack of confidence. You are unconditionally loved and accepted by God, and He has seated you with Him far above all rule and authority. As you apply these powerful biblical principles, you will begin to exercise your rights as His beloved child. You will learn to start seeing everything from God's perspective of victory!

Part 3—Sit With Me

The Power of the Blood Covenant • September 1, 2019 • Pastor Gregory Dickow

God has seated you with Christ in heavenly places. You no longer have to struggle to feel accepted or feel like you belong anymore. You have a blood-bought right to experience a peace that passes all understanding and to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God has seated you with Him. If you don't let the Holy Spirit convince you of these things in your mind, you will not experience them, even though they belong to you in Christ. How can you learn to become convinced in your mind and heart? This incredible revelation will show you the power that is available to you because of the Blood Covenant that God has made with you through Jesus. Through this powerful teaching, you will learn what the entire Bible is all about. You will also discover the secret to all blessing and the source of all boldness and confidence. As you let the Holy Spirit convince you of the power of the Blood Covenant, you will begin to experience more of God's forgiveness, fellowship, and fortune. It's time to receive all of the benefits that are yours because you are in His family!

Part 4—Sit With Me

Awakening to Your Authority • September 8, 2019 • Pastor Gregory Dickow

Do you know that because of what God has done for you in Christ, you are not inferior—or superior—to anyone? He has seated us together with Him, and therefore, we are all equal in His sight. Along with giving us His very self in the person of Jesus, He also freely gives us all things. This inspiring and practical teaching will show you how to experience the blood-bought freedom that Jesus has purchased for you. You will feel liberation from your past—including freedom from pain that may have come from whatever life, or anyone else has done to you. You will learn some of the good things you can begin to expect in your life because you understand your God-given authority, and how to practically use it. Through this teaching about Jesus' transfiguration, you will come to know your true identity as His beloved son or daughter. As a result of applying these Biblical principles, you can now permit yourself to feel God's affirmation of you, and exercise your authority to reign in life through Christ Jesus!