What’s Holding You Back?

It Ends Today

March 10, 2019 • Pastor Gregory Dickow • John 5:1–15

What are the beliefs that are limiting you? What is holding you back from experiencing God's best in every area of your life? How can you experience freedom from limiting beliefs so you can be free from the effects that come from not believing the truth? This revealing and liberating message will empower you to disassociate from all of the voices you hear that are not in agreement with God. Now, you can experience freedom from whatever has paralyzed you and kept you from enjoying the wholeness that God intends for you.

What’s Holding You Back II: The Cure to the Things That Mess Us Up

March 17, 2019 • Pastor Gregory Dickow

What are the things that mess up our lives? What is the cure to anger, fear, depression, unhappiness, abuse, insecurity, and the gaps in your soul? This practical and empowering message will reveal to you the limiting beliefs that are robbing you of the victorious life God has already provided for you, and show you how to overcome them through being thankful for all God has already done for you.