The Keys

August 18th @6:00 PM, August 19th @10:00 AM

Liberty Church presents The Keys. The Keys is the brand new musical by Brent Grosvenor. It is two years in the making, with two tours to Poland (along with a stop in The Netherlands), as the show was being developed. It’s final form will launch for the first time in the U.S. on August 18th, 2018 in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. This is truly an “experience.” The Keys is innovative, artistic, deeply challenging and inspiring. Brent Grosvenor plays The Teacher and tells the story of his own “fall” from God and true Faith. He takes the audience through his experience of becoming self-righteous and full of himself (essentially a modern day Pharisee), to falling back into his worst sins and addictions, losing his wife and all that mattered. Then, he brings the audience through his own journey of redemption and restoration after rediscovering the keys to Christianity and the core of what Jesus taught. With emphasis on Matthew 6 and Matthew 25, The Teacher works with children in his city during his summer break as they experience and learn what he discovered. It is fun, eclectic and personally moving. Whether you are a Christian, a skeptic or a seeker, you will find The Keys worth every minute and the experience will stay with you for life.