Encounter Two

The Holy Spirit, Part 1

October 8, 2017 • Patrick Conrad

In week two of Encounter, Pastor Patrick looks at the third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit. Who is the Holy Spirit? What is his function, and what difference does he make in our lives as followers of Christ? Watch part one of a powerful two-part message to find out!

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Encounter Five

Mary Encounters Jesus • October 29, 2017 • Patrick Conrad

In the final week of our series, Encounter, Pastor Patrick looks at Mary's encounter with Jesus, where she washed his feet with her hair with utter abandon in a moment of true worship.

Encounter Four

What Do We Need To Know About God's Test? • October 22, 2017 • Patrick Conrad

In week four of Encounter, Pastor Patrick looks at how Abraham encountered God through a test. God asked Abraham to sacrifice his promised son, the son through which God had promised to bless Abraham, and through which He would make him the father of a multitude of nations. Although God never intended for Abraham to fully carry out the command, it was necessary to prove Abraham's reliability. Like Abraham, our faith is not really tested until God asks us to consider what seems unbearable, to do what seems unreasonable, and to expect what seems impossible.

Encounter Three

The Holy Spirit, Part 2 • October 15, 2017 • Patrick Conrad

In the third week of Encounter, Pastor Patrick takes a deeper look at who the Holy Spirit is and how we surrender our will to his will and allow him to lead us to become more like Jesus.