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LCMC Introduction

August 1, 2011

Learn more about who we are and how we're organized.

LCMC Mobile App Demo

October 1, 2016 • Kristy Thomas

The LCMC mobile app makes it easy to access videos and podcasts, receive news updates, access and stay connected with other people throughout the association. With our mobile friendly web player, you can catch live events, stream videos and podcasts, and even play content on your TV screen using Apple TV or Google Chromecast. You can also use the app to access calendars, register online for events, and view digital versions of event programs and handouts. Our built in blog reader makes it easy to stay up-to-date on recent news and announcements, and app users can also sign up to receive occasional notifications, so you'll never miss out on an important announcement or deadline again. You'll also have easy access to our directories and our congregation search feature, so you can contact people or find nearby congregations even when you're on the go. Feel free to share this video with your congregation.