Missions Month 2024

Guest speakers representing different ministries that we support through our missions budget, both local and abroad.

Missions Month 2024 | Sunday Service | Randy Adams

January 28, 2024 • Randy Adams

Randy Adams serves the Northwest Baptist Convention as the Executive Director. We will get to hear about God's work in Washington, Oregon and northern Idaho.

Missions Month 2024 | Sunday Service | Paul Ingold

January 21, 2024 • Paul Ingold

Paul and Nancy Ingold are IMB Missionaries to the Indian people in Canada. We are looking forward to seeing them and refreshing our partnership in their gospel work.

Missions Month 2024 | Sunday Service | Gary Irby

January 14, 2024 • Gary Irby • Acts 8

Matt Raney | Adventure Soccer

January 7, 2024 • Matt Raney • Joshua 4

Missions Month Series Intro

"Let me record my immovable conviction that this is the noblest service in which any human being can spend or be spent; and that, if God gave me back my life to be lived over again, I would without one quiver of hesitation lay it on the altar to Christ, that he might use it as before in similar ministries of love, especially amongst those who have never yet heard of the name of Jesus." John G. Paton: Missionary to the New Hebrides, (Banner of Truth Trust, Edinburgh, UK, 2016), pg. 444