Above & Beyond - Week 2

Living God's Way

April 17, 2016 • Rob Spradley • Genesis 22:15-18

God always test us with the things that is most important to us. Will you trust God as your provider? Or take your sacrifice from God?

Above & Beyond - Week 6

Leaving a Legacy • May 15, 2016 • Rob Spradley

God's vision creates great work, causes us to set our affections on Christ & requires us to give over & above our financial means. Your finances and faith are inseparable. #vision #bigger #faith

Above & Beyond - Week 5

‘Preparing for a miracle’ • May 8, 2016 • Rob Spradley

Sometimes there's a disconnect from hearing God's voice & obeying God's voice. Miracles require us to step out regardless of the odds.

Above & Beyond - Week 4

Obeying God’s call • May 1, 2016 • Rob Spradley

Obedience always precedes the miraculous! Don't believe a negative report! Almost always there is an opposing voice, don't listen to it!! God has good plans for you!