SuperStart!! 2024

Everyone. Everything. Everywhere.

March 1, 4:00pm - March 2, 2024 5:00pm

SuperStart is a high-energy, intentionally crafted weekend event for preteens to hear the gospel, learn Biblical truths, and be called to a life of Kingdom Work. This year's SuperStart features....drumroll please... A TRICK SHOT GAME! Everyone can participate, Everything can be use, and you can play it Everywhere you go. In the same way that trick shots use everyday items to perform extraordinary feats, we will help preteens discover their unique gifts and talents and show that they can use them to make a big impact for the Kingdom with the gifts and talents they already possess. Through the Gospel Story, they'll learn that because of Jesus, Everyone can be a Kingdom Worker, and they can use Everything - all their talents, big or small - for Kingdom work, Everywhere they go. Give your child an experience they'll never forget at SuperStart where they'll compete, learn and realize their potential in God's Kingdom through the exhilarating Everyone, Everything, Everywhere challenge. Inspire them to take their shot for God's Kingdom. March 1st & 2nd. Each student cost $59!!
Please pay when you register your child.
 We will meet at the church right after school on the Friday!
 Bring a sack dinner with you to eat on the bus ride to Indianapolis. We will be staying in a hotel Friday night. Then we will then be coming home after the event ends at 3pm on Saturday. 
 All you need to pay is the student Cost, the rest is covered!! Sign-Up Deadline
February 11th Here are a few videos about a past SuperStart event! https://vimeo.com/758851220 https://vimeo.com/758851163 Any questions? Contact Lizzy Makin 765-716-4896