Handling Anger

Victory Over Anger

June 23, 2019 • Bishop Rosie S. O'neal

Why is victory over anger beneficial to our lives? In this message, Bishop Rosie O'neal shares that we must surround ourselves with believers who will encourage us to have victory in every area in our lives. A lack of faith, discipline, and faith causes us to act out in anger. We need the Holy Spirit to take over our lives to help us with our anger issues.

Victory Over Anger Pt. 2

June 30, 2019 • Pastor Trev Evans

"Do you find yourself inappropriately responding to anger? In this message, Pastor Trev Evans teaches us how to take a step back. Before responding, we must ask : how do I feel?, what do I believe?, what do I perceive?, and what am I focusing on? To develop the ability we must invest time in fasting, praying, listening and reading God’s word, and engaging in praise and worship. Allowing the Holy Spirit to shower us during worship will enable us, in times of anger, to choose the right words to protect our relationships."

Victory Over Anger Pt. 3

July 7, 2019 • Pastor Trev Evans

How do we overcome anger? How do we respond in a more positive demeanor? Pastor Trev Evans talks about anger repellent, meaning God deals with us so we can have joy and purpose. Therefore, don’t focus on anger but be drawn to the Lord. Use your anger repellent so you can go forward in life. Joy is considered a choice and happiness is a condition. We have to remember no matter what happens around us God’s still with us. We have to remember God’s still good and the same one who created us.

Handling Anger Properly

June 14, 2020 • Bishop Rosie S. O'neal

"Every human being is tempted to give in to the passion we feel when we are threatened, violated, or demeaned (anger). All anger is not sin but God requires us to be angry and sin not . Bishop Rosie O’neal uses the life of Moses to show clear examples of not only redemption through Jesus but also the consequences of uncontrolled anger. Learn the signs of an anger problem, as well as tips to allow God to use you through your anger."