Red, The Color of Christmas

The Color of Christmas

December 24, 2012 • Philip De Courcy • Luke 1—2

We believe that Christmas is real. We believe the biblical record of the Gospels are true. Biblically speaking, red is the color of Christmas because Christmas is all about the Lord Jesus coming to share His blood for our sins. Christmas is actually all about Easter. It's about Jesus coming to sacrifice Himself on a tree, to give Himself for us, to put away sin by the sacrifice of Himself. The true Christmas tree is the cross. The real gift is Jesus Christ, God's son, because God spared not His own son, but delivered Him up for us all. The wages of sin is death. But, Jesus paid for that. That's the wonderful news! That's why the Angel says to the shepherd, “Don't fear I bring you good tidings of great joy!” Purpose and peace are found in Him. Confidence is found in Him. We can know that things are right with God, because Jesus Christ lived a perfect life and offered a perfect sacrifice to make us perfect in the eyes of God, because all His righteousness has been applied to us as a gift and our sins have been removed in His death. That's the whole intent and message of Christmas.

Have No Fear - Part 2

December 23, 2012 • Philip De Courcy • Luke 1—2

In the best of circumstances, the Christian is someone who refuses to panic. The Christian is someone who runs towards their goliaths, not from them. Through the Christmas story we learn to calm your fears to sleep. Because to Zacharias, the angel says, "Fear not God has answered your prayer." To Mary the angel says, "Fear not highly-favored one, the Lord is with you." And to the shepherds, the angel says, "Fear not. I bring you good tidings of great joy, which will be to you and all people for unto you this day is born in the city of David, a savior who is Christ the Lord." Don't fear, God answers your prayers. Don't fear, there's grace sufficient for all that you need. Don't fear, find your joy in the everlasting joy of knowing Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world.

Have No Fear - Part 1

December 16, 2012 • Philip De Courcy • Luke 1—2

Two words that stand out in the Bible like twin towers are fear not. So often fear seems to be conquering us rather than us conquering it. More than any other command in the Bible, God commands us most to fear not. We don’t need to panic, but rather we need to pray, perform and praise. Scared is not the calling of a child of God. The cowardly Christian has forgotten himself or herself and who they are in Christ and all the promises that Christ has made to them. But why shouldn’t we be afraid? Because we have the assurance that God hears and answers our prayer and we have the confidence that God will supply a binding abundant grace to do what He calls us to do, even if it's in difficult circumstances.