April 9, 2017 • Phil Varley • Colossians 2:13-15

In the second of our Easter mini-series, Phil Varley looks at how Jesus conquers the powers of darkness and defeats the principalities and powers who held us captive.


April 16, 2017 • Andrew Wilson

This Easter Sunday, our teaching pastor Andrew Wilson talks about Jesus redeems us from slavery, like God redeemed Israel.


April 14, 2017 • Charles Kimbangi

On Good Friday, Charles Kimbangi looks at how Jesus substitutes for us and takes upon himself all of our sin and its consequences.

Remover of Shame

April 2, 2017 • Andrew Wilson

In the first of our Easter mini-series, our Teaching Pastor Andrew Wilson looks at how Jesus leaves His position of honour to become the most shameful person possible—a slave, humbled to a cross. In doing so He takes our shame away and we are given a seat of honour.