Dream Bigger

Seven Week Summer Series

New Growth

August 26, 2018 • Pastor Melody Erasmus

Growth is promised in the Bible and is the natural state we should experience. In this message, learn more about these promises and what we must do to enter into the New Growth God has promised.

New Influence

August 19, 2018 • Pastor Wes Richards

What is the power of a life that is lived for God? The influence of our lives, our families, and our church can change the world. Listen to this message and see what you need to do to unlock the influence God has given you.

New Praise and Worship

August 12, 2018 • Pastor Drikus Erasmus

When we praise & worship, we unlock the victory, break chains, open doors, and impact lives and families. Learn the importance and power of your praise in this message. It's time to enter a new season of praise & worship.

New Leaders

August 5, 2018 • Various

For the church to grow, we all need to step up as leaders in every area of our lives. When we do, we will see amazing things. In this week's message, discover what will happen when we experience new leadership in our lives.

New Commitment

July 29, 2018 • Dushy & Dilini Goonawardhane

The early church was fully committed to God and to one another. In this message, hear how we too are called to have a new commitment to The Word of God, Fellowship, The Breaking of Bread, and Prayer.

New Anointing

July 22, 2018 • Pastor Wes Richards

Before we move forward in pursuing bigger dreams, we need a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit. From Samson, David, and Elijah in the Old Testament to Jesus, the Disciples, and Paul in the New, the Bible teaches our great need for the Holy Spirit. In this message, learn how to move into God's purpose after receiving a New Anointing.

New Beginnings

July 15, 2018 • Paul & Lyndsey Harding

We kicked off our Dream Bigger series looking at dreams for New Beginnings. Today is a day of new beginnings, starting with getting back to the clarity of the gospel message and our personal salvation. It's a time where we will see new things for our family, church, and nation.