Easter 2019

Easter Sunday

Why Easter Is Such Good News In A Bad News World • April 21, 2019 • Pastor Wes Richards

The events of the crucifixion and resurrection are still relevant to us today and continue to be a beacon of hope for new beginnings in 2019. Further Scripture: Luke 24:34, Revelation 1:17-18, Acts 1:3, John 20:6-7 10-13, Psalm 30:3, Ezekiel 18:31, 2 Corinthians 5:17, Hebrews 2:18, Colossians 2:14-15, John 14:2 Apply The Word: To the disciples it looked like Jesus had died and gone forever, they were in deep grief and sadness. What are you grieving for? Are there things in the past that you cannot overcome? Are there things that you are still holding on to from your past? How much guilt, shame, pain and regret do you carry? Your suffering and sadness does not determine the rest of your life. Your past sin and failures do not define your future! Through Christ’s death and resurrection, He took all of our sin, guilt and shame and redeemed it on the Cross of Calvary. You can experience new hope and discovery just like the disciples did on that first resurrection day. In the midst of her grief, Mary did not see that she was talking to Jesus, she thought He was a gardener. She did not recognise that in her time of need, Jesus was right there beside her! Are you in a time of sadness, pain or grief? Maybe you can't feel Jesus with you. Know that He is right beside you. His spirit is with you and will never leave you or forsake you. Jesus died and rose again, and he is with us just as He promised in Matthew 28:30.

Good Friday

The Hidden Power Of The Blood Of Jesus • April 19, 2019 • Pastor Wes and Pastora Adriana

Jesus shed His blood for us, and scripture teaches us the significance of the 7 times He shed His blood. We all need a revelation of the power of the blood of Jesus to overcome the trials and difficulties of life. Further Scripture: Exodus 12:21-24, John 1:29, Leviticus 16:14 Apply The Word: Apply the 7 sheddings of the blood of Jesus. 1. From His Brow (Luke 22:44) We are redeemed from unfaithfulness, betrayal, rebellion, lies and deceit. Through this shedding, Jesus' blood brings us healing and restoration. 2. From His Back (Matthew 27:26) We are redeemed from sickness and pain. Through this shedding, Jesus' blood brings us healing. 3. From His Head (Matthew 27:28-30) We are redeemed from curses of the earth. Through this shedding, Jesus redeemed us from poverty, lack, pride, death, so that we can be prosperous, fulfilled and have eternal life. 4. From His Beaten Face (Isaiah 50:6-7, Isaiah 52:14) Through this shedding, Jesus redeemed our identity. Our worth and value does not need to be based on earthly things, our identity can be found in Christ Jesus. 5. From His Hands (Psalm 22:16) We are redeemed from false prophecy. Through this shedding, Jesus redeemed our productivity, creativity, and we can have freedom. Jesus used His hands to create, help and heal. Your hands can give blessings and receive blessings. 6. From His Feet (Psalm 22:16, Genesis 3:15) We are redeemed to walk in His purpose. Through this shedding, we are able to walk with Jesus and He guides our steps to walk the right path and not stray. 7. From His Side (John 19:34) We are redeemed from any hurts in our hearts. Through this shedding, we can be restored from a hard and resentful heart; to a soft and warm heart. We can be restored from intimidation to conquest.

Palm Sunday

Who Would You Be? • April 14, 2019 • Mike and Natasha Airey

Jesus triumphantly entered Jerusalem on a donkey to varying receptions; if you were a witness to this amazing event, what would your reaction be? We need to learn to receive Christ with a humble, open, and joyful heart; not with bitterness, hardness, or scepticism. Who would you be in this story? Further Scripture: Luke 19:33-35, Zechariah 9:9, Revelation 7:9, Matthew 19:14, Psalm 24:1, 2 Corinthians 9:7 Apply The Word: When you read Matthew chapter 21, which of the characters from the passage reflects your reaction most accurately? Are you quick to welcome Jesus with joyful worship or do you have another response? God wants us to welcome Him with joyful hearts. To have this response, we need to receive Jesus as our Lord and saviour. We need to know that He has set us free in order to freely worship Him. Stop and think about your response to Jesus and spend time in worship and prayer; asking God to give you a fresh revelation of what Jesus has done for you. Do you seek first relationship or religion? Do you consider first your own opinion and ideas or God’s direction and guidance? Do you have critical attitudes towards the work of God or those anointed by God? The Pharisees were critical of Jesus because they thought they knew better. The crowds and the children, in contrast, accepted Jesus’ authority and acted from a completely different perspective. In the same way, we need to address any pride in our lives and come to the Lord humbly and ready to receive. Take stock of your reactions to challenges and situations the Lord allows, and repent and turn from any pride in your heart. Allow God to minister a freedom so that you can overflow with the joy of the Lord.