Bible Study: May 26, 2020

"A New Thought World"

May 26, 2020 • Rev. Matthew L. Watley

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"Pain to Power" A Conversation with...

Dr. Herber M. Browm, III • June 16, 2020 • Rev. Matthew L. Watley

"Pain To Power" A Conversation with...

Rev. Dr. William Watley • June 9, 2020 • Rev. Matthew L. Watley

Join Revs. Matthew & Dr. William Watley in a conversation about race, God and the role of the church.

"Pain To Power" A conversation with...

Dr. Greg Thompson • June 2, 2020 • Rev. Matthew L. Watley

Here is a quote from Pastor Watley "Our country is at a crucial time which requires some courageous conversations. Greg Thompson is one of the most thoughtful leaders I know who has dedicated his life to Christ, the Church and issues of equality. Raised in a Klan family, but then became a Martin Luther King Jr. scholar. He’s a former pastor who is doing great work on the front lines. Let’s talk!"