The Friendship Formula

Peter thinks he has no friends and feels lonely until Dan the playground monitor shares a secret with him, The Friendship Formula, and gives him a two week challenge. Soon, Peter is surprised to become one of the most liked kids at school! What is the secret? Could it work for you?

Jimmy Jim, Jim Jimmy!

You've read Green Eggs and Ham, but you may have never heard of Jimmy Jim! His love for Jesus and gentle persistent sharing changed his friends life. Enjoy!

Gus and Karl Talk Crocs and How God Provides!

Gus continues his new job at the Zoo and is assigned to the Crocodiles enclosure! They talk about how if God can take care of the animals, He can certainly take care of us too.

Gus and Karl Tell Lion Stories!

October 12, 2021

Pastor Karl attacked by a lion?! Gus telling lion jokes and more!