Daily Prayer Focus

SUNDAY | pray for the world

Pray for missionaries and churches to serve well during this Pray against corruption and those who will take advantage of this Pray for unity in the governments Pray that Jesus would give us more time to share his love before He comes back

MONDAY | pray for repentance

Repentance is the action of repenting which a turning away from evil and to turn to the good. It is a conscious decision to turn to God and involves remorse and sincere regret. Pray that we as a nation will bow before our Lord Pray that the church will repent of her complacency Pray that we as individuals will ask for forgiveness for our own sin

TUESDAY | pray for growth

We are called to become more like Jesus and to become more holy through the power of the Holy Spirit. Pray for a new desire to be birthed in believers to know Jesus Pray that we will surrender everything to know Him more Pray we will stop and listen to the Spirit’s voice Pray that we will ask the Holy Spirit to fill us and change us Pray that our love will grow mature in Jesus

WEDNESDAY | pray for families

Pray for healing in our families Pray for forgiveness to begin in our families Pray for dads/husbands to rise up spiritually Pray for marriages to be restored Pray for kids to fall in love with Jesus

THURSDAY | pray for individuals

Pray for the sick and those who have the virus and that they would be healed Pray for those who are seniors and are alone Pray for those who are being affecting in their mental health because of this Pray for churches and agencies to rise up and serve creatively

FRIDAY | pray for churches

Pray for Pastors to lead strongly Pray for an urgency to be evident in the leadership Pray for the church to capture this opportunity and serve Pray for a renewed emphasis in prayer Pray for creative outreach during this time

SATURDAY | pray for our nation

Pray for our government leaders to lead well Pray for our local organizations and churches to come together Pray for those affected financially from this Pray for healing in our nation as we are so divided