Be A Miracle at Christmas

Here are a few ways you can share the miracle of God’s love and grace!

1) Christmas Store | We have partnered with the Family Network of Wyoming for many years to provide this gift to our community. Generally, we as KCCers have the opportunity to purchase a gift at retail price and give it to the Family Network of Wyoming where they would in turn use the donation to set up a Christmas Store allowing for affordable gifts for families. Due to COVID19, the Family Network of Wyoming have asked for financial donations and they will purchase gift cards to pass out to families this year in place of the Christmas Store.) 2) Lighthouse for Teen Moms | This ministry partner cares for teen moms between the ages of 13 -19. Many of these moms are homeless, Lighthouse has taken these mothers and their children in and care for their daily needs including, but not limited to shelter, food and life skills development. As a part of our Be a Miracle campaign, we want to bless these moms each a $300 gift card as a graduation gift when they leave the program. 3) Closet of Hope | This ministry partner provides donated children clothing, toys, books, diapers etc to children in foster care. The great need during the holiday season and winter is children's boots which average $30/pair. We would love to provide as many pairs of boots to them as we can. Your donation will be used to purchase new boots to children that they will be able to use immediately!