KY GM Deputation Videos

Videos from the missionaries that come to KY on Deputation.

(The Netherlands) - CALHOUN, Allan and Carla

June 27, 2022 • Allan Calhoun, Carla Calhoun

The Calhouns both graduated from UPBI (Northeast Christian College) in 1990, were married the same year and launched their ministry of assisting, pastoring, building a home missions church and now overseas missionary work. They pastored Oasis of Hope Church in Barrie, Ontario, for seventeen years and were certain that they would live and minister there until the rapture of the church. But God had a different process in mind. The next four years were full of radical changes that prepared them to be global missionaries to Europe. In 2013 the Calhouns became furlough pastors at New Life Church in Gilford, Northern Ireland, and The Pentecostals of Dublin in The Republic of Ireland. Living and ministering in two nations they learned to carry both Euros and British pounds in their wallets simultaneously. After the Associates In Missions term in Ireland, at the invitation of Pastor Timothy Pickard, they spent a transitional time on the ministry team of First UPC. This was part of God’s process as Toronto is one of the world’s most multicultural cities, with 49% of its population having been born outside of Canada. There they were blessed to connect with, and mentor leaders who originated from Columbia, India, the Philippines and the Middle East. Michael Tuttle, the regional director for Europe & the Middle East invited the Calhouns to visit The Netherlands. God confirmed the call and they were appointed in September of 2015. Upon reaching the field the Calhouns have been endorsed to launch a Leadership Training Process and focus on empowering leaders to reach the many urban centers in the Netherlands.

(Malaysia) - VESTAL, Lonnie and Jill

Lonnie and Jill met and married at Christian Life College. They have been in ministry together for twenty-two years. After graduating from CLC, both Lonnie and Jill began working at the college in various administrative roles and as faculty members. During this time Lonnie completed his graduate degree from Western Seminary. In 2007, with two small children, the Vestals moved to Mason, Ohio to plant a church. They pastored for eleven years. From that congregation a Spanish work was also launched. In 2018, the Vestals transitioned into Global Missions work. After spending a year in Vanuatu as furlough replacement missionaries under the AIM program, they were appointed as Intermediate Missionaries to the nation of Malaysia in 2021. Lonnie enjoys preaching and teaching in Bible schools. Jill is a talented musician and ladies’ minister. Levi works in photography and video production, and Reagan is a gifted singer, songwriter and musician.

(Russia/Estonia) - MOSES, Robert and Sheri

Robert & Sheri Moses

Robert and Sheri Moses were born and reared in Illinois. He came into the church at the age of 14 under Jack Jenkins’s ministry in Toledo, Illinois. She, a third-generation Pentecostal, grew up in the small town of McClure and came to the Lord at the age of seven. They have been married for 25 years. During that time, they were involved in the ministry of Calvary Tabernacle, Toledo. In 1995, they began a home missions church in Marshall, Illinois. In 2000, God called them to go as AIM workers to Russia where they began working under the direction of William Turner in Moscow in summer 2001. After answering the call of God to Russia, God blessed their home with an adorable baby boy, Robert “Anthony,” on January 12, 2001. In the 2002 General Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, they were appointed as intermediate missionaries to Russia and have since become career missionaries. They have worked primarily in the city of Moscow to establish a strong church in a city of close to thirty million people. They have worked as pastor, Bible school teacher and as Revival By Design area coordinator. To give text MOSES to 71777 Projects you may help with include: Evangelism $22,400 Church Registration $5,600 Office Equipment $5,600 Language study $3,360 Computers/printer for Moscow office $5,600

(New Zealand), BORDERS, Brandon and Mollie

Brandon and Mollie received their appointment to New Zealand in 2015 and arrived in Hamilton in 2017. They have pastored the church in Hamilton, as well as established a preaching point in the city of Tauranga. Brandon serves as the president of Apostolic Bible College of New Zealand. In 2020 they had twenty-two students and graduated twenty with a certificate degree and one from the intermediate degree program. Mollie is extensively involved in the local church in music, ladies ministry, and hospitality. Upon their return, they plan to build the Bible school into a full-time school and further establish the work in Tauranga.

(Wales) - KELLEY, Kyle and Amanda

Kyle & Amanda Kelley

Kyle and Amanda have been serving as assistant pastors in Salem, Illinois for the last ten years. They previously served in youth ministry for six years in Salem. They have served on the Illinois District North American Missions committee, Illinois District Youth Committee and helped in planning and organizing various other district events. They also served on the AIM program for one year in Glasgow, Scotland, overseeing Harvest Bible College.

(Rwanda) - SPORTSMAN, Zach and Jen

March 3, 2022 • Zach Sportsman

Zack and Jen Sportsman were members of The Life Church of Kansas City, under the leadership of Pastor Stan Gleason, where they were actively involved in diverse areas of ministry. This included adult Sunday School, outreach and evangelism, home Bible studies and African Immigrant ministry. In 2011, they served under the Associates In Missions Program in West Africa. There they taught in the Bible school, trained local church leaders to establish children's Sunday school, facilitated a retreat for pastors kids and were involved in the personal development of the next generation of leaders. Their first appointed country was a French speaking nation so when they went to the field they devoted time to language study. They also participated in the construction of the Wendell Gleason Memorial Education Center. In 2019, they changed fields and are now working in Rwanda and Burundi.