The Book of Ruth

Providence / / Redemption

Costly Faith in a Worthy Redeemer

January 19, 2019 • Wes Van Fleet

Ruth 4 describes the costly faith of Boaz seeking to redeem Naomi and Ruth. The other redeemer in the story concludes that Ruth and Naomi are not worth his time, but Boaz is willing to redeem them at all costs. All of this is pointing forward to Jesus, the Redeemer who was willing to give it all to redeem the widow, the outsider, and all those who would believe in Him. Through the cross and resurrection, Christ is quilting together a patchwork of redemption that will result in his eternal praise. Through doing this, he proves to be the worthy treasure that is worth any cost to us.

How Do We Respond to Loss? The Risk and Reward of Faith

January 12, 2019 • Tim Cain

How do you respond to loss? In Ruth 3 we see someone who is well acquainted with loss vulnerably open herself up and lay her heart at the feet of Boaz? How did she do it? Where did she find the courage? What gave her the confidence to risk everything after she had already lost so much? And how would Boaz respond? Was it worth it? And what does this story have to do with us today? Are there things it can teach us about how we ought to respond to the losses in our lives?

The Lord of the Harvest: Grace for Outsiders

January 5, 2019 • Wes Van Fleet

In Ruth 2 we are welcomed into the story of Boaz welcoming a Moabite outsider into his field. He protects her provides for her, and associates himself with her by feasting with her. Listen and hear how the gospel is the great news about the Lord of the Harvest who invites sinners to feast with him as a family.

Behind A Frowning Providence He Hides A Smiling Face

December 29, 2018 • Wes Van Fleet

In Ruth chapter 1, we are invited into a story of sorrow and tragedy. Yet, despite such hardship, we see a God who is with His people every step of the way as he directs every single second of history towards its intended destiny. Hear and see how the Gospel invites us into a life where we can trust God in bitter suffering and unmeasured delight.