Believe the Unbelievable

Waiting for the Promise

Genesis 23 • April 25, 2020 • Tim Cain

At this point most of us probably find ourselves longing for things to go back to normal. We feel like strangers in our own world and we miss the way things used to be. Abraham and Sarah were very familiar with these feelings. For over 60 years they wandered together as strangers and foreigners waiting for God to give them the land he had promised. Today we are going to talk about the temptations they faced as they waited and see what it was that enabled them to trust God while feeling like a stranger in the world. I believe that the things we can learn in this passage could be really helpful for all of us as we learn how to navigate these strange times.

Obeying God in the Midst of Unanswered Questions

Genesis 22 • April 18, 2020 • Tim Cain

Living without answers to our most agonizing questions is hard; obeying God in the midst of these questions is even harder, but that is precisely what Abraham does in Genesis 22. In this passage, we will see what it is that we need to know in order to be able to obey God even when we don’t understand what he is doing or why he is doing it. For those of you who feel paralyzed by the unanswered “Why’s” in your life this message is meant to redirect your heart from the answers you long for to the person who holds them all in his hands. It is my prayer that we would all see that knowing the one who has the answers is far better than knowing the answers themselves.

Receiving the Promises of God

Genesis 21 • April 4, 2020 • Wes Van Fleet

This current season with COVID-19 has stripped away a lot of things we depend on. Will we respond in clinging to new ways to try to earn God's approval or will we learn to receive His promises by faith in Jesus. Listen and hear how the Gospel from Genesis 21 can teach us to receive his promises with joy.

Fear, Faith and the Coronavirus

Genesis 20 • March 28, 2020 • Tim Cain

During this time of uncertainty as fears and anxieties creep up on all of us, one of the questions we find ourselves facing is “Can God be trusted?” Satan wants to do everything he can to use the negative circumstances in our lives to chip away at our faith in God. In Genesis 20 we find that Satan successfully uses this strategy on Abraham in order to get him to doubt the promises of God. As we look at this story of Abraham’s failure we will find that we are not alone in our fear and anxiety, however, as we look at God’s response to Abraham’s failure we will also find the answer to the all important question “Can God be trusted?”

Responding to Loss

Genesis 19 • March 21, 2020 • Tim Cain

We are living in a crazy season right now. Over the last week, it seems like everyday something significant in our lives has changed. Things that we have always taken for granted have been stripped away in an instant and as our losses begin to stack up we find ourselves wondering how we are supposed to respond. In this message, we will look at how two different men responded to the catastrophic losses they experienced. In the end, what we will find is that how we respond to our losses can make all of the difference in the world.

The Coronavirus and the Gospel

Genesis 18:16-33 • March 14, 2020 • Tim Cain

We are living in a unique season. There is an eeriness in the air and uncertainty abounds. Things that we have taken for granted like sports and concerts and schools are now being canceled. In this message, we are going to look at Genesis 18:16-33 and consider what it would look like to apply the truths in this text to the way we respond to the Coronavirus. Ultimately my prayer is that each of us would respond to this virus by drawing near to God through Jesus Christ knowing that he and he alone is able to save us to the uttermost.

Shame And Our Longing To Be Known And Loved

Genesis 18:1-15 • March 7, 2020 • Tim Cain

Baptism, Circumcision, and the New Covenant

Genesis 17:1-21 • February 29, 2020 • Tim Cain

How do the promises made to Abraham relate to the New Covenant promises made to Christ's church? In Jesus all of the promises of God are fulfilled making the New Covenant unbreakable! Received by faith these promises produce a newness of life.

When God Says No

Genesis 17 • February 15, 2020 • Tim Cain

Our God who Hears and Our God of Seeing

Genesis 16 • February 8, 2020 • Tim Cain

We all need someone "out there" looking for us. Jesus is not only the God who sees you but the God who took on flesh so that you could see him. Jesus looked to a darkened sky and cried out to a God who never responded. God forsook his Son so that he could Hear us and bring us to See him for all eternity.

Waiting In Faith When The Promise Is Delayed

Genesis 15 • February 1, 2020 • Tim Cain

Success And The Temptations That Come With It

Genesis 14:10-24 • January 25, 2020 • Tim Cain

Back to the Beginning

Genesis 13: 1-18 • January 18, 2020 • Wes Van Fleet

Sometimes it is really hard to believe the promises of God. What happens when we fail to live according to them and choose to go our own ways...again and again? Genesis 13 teaches us what it looks like to live by faith and not by sight by returning to the God, who makes the promises, again and again.

Genesis 1-11

Gen 1-11 • January 4, 2020 • Tim Cain