The Life and Death of the Servant King

The Gospel of Mark

J.J.’s Death and Jesus Resurrection

Mark 16:1-9 • August 24, 2019 • Tim Cain

We lost a precious baby this week. Murdered before his first birthday. Confusion, sadness, anger and regret all swirl around in our hearts and minds. Where do we go from here? There are no easy answers, no helpful tips, no road map to help us navigate this dark and uncharted place. But there is a guide. There is one who has gone down into the grave and come back again. Mark 16:1-9 tells us about Him and I believe His story has something to say to us. I believe that Jesus resurrection from the dead offers hope in the face of death, redemption in the face of sin and regret, and peace even as the questions swirl and the pain remains.

Mark 15:42-47

Mark 15:42-47 • August 17, 2019 • Tim Cain

Mark 15:33-39

Mark 15:33-39 • August 10, 2019 • Tim Cain

Mark 15:16-32

Mark 15:16-32 • August 3, 2019 • Tim Cain

Mark 15:1-15

Mark 15:1-15 • July 27, 2019 • Tim Cain

Jesus Trial: A Picture of Injustice

Mark 14:53-65 • July 13, 2019 • Tim Cain

Peter's Denial and the Danger of Self-Reliance

Mark 14:66-72 • July 20, 2019 • Tim Cain

The Naked Truth about the Loneliness of Christ

Mark 14:51-52 • July 6, 2019 • Wes Van Fleet

Researchers say that loneliness is at an all-time high despite more ways than ever to build relationships. This isn't new. The people of God have been longing for a place to find relationship since the Garden of Eden. Listen and hear this odd story about a naked young man and the Gospel can comfort the lonely.

The betrayal and the sword and why it happened?

Mark 14:43-50 • June 29, 2019 • Tim Cain

Mark 14:32-42

Mark 14:32-42 • June 15, 2019 • Tim Cain

Mark 14:26-31

Mark 14:26-31 • May 25, 2019 • Tim Cain

Jesus Last Song

Mark 14:26 • May 18, 2019 • Tim Cain

When you read about Jesus last night on earth one of the things you find is that he spends much of the time comforting his disciples. But who comforted Jesus? As he prepared to drink the bitter cup of God’s wrath against our sin who was thinking about his suffering and offering him words of encouragement? I think Mark gives us a hint in this verse. The last thing Jesus did before he left the upper room was sing a song with his disciples. Wouldn’t it be amazing to know what song Jesus sang and see if God might have used that song to encourage his Son when he felt all alone? Well because it was the Passover we actually do know what song Jesus sang that night and in this message we will see how God ordained this specific song for this special night to comfort his Son when no one else would.

Jesus Last Passover

Mark 14:12-25 • May 11, 2019 • Tim Cain

Religion vs. Genuine Faith

Mark 14:1-11 • May 4, 2019 • Tim Cain

Longing for Jesus Return

Mark 13:32-37 • April 27, 2019 • Tim Cain

In Mark 13:32-37 Jesus tells his disciples that he is going to come again and he calls them to stay awake. Part of staying awake means longing for Jesus return. In this sermon, we will consider why it is that we often find ourselves longing more for the temporary things of this world than for Jesus return. We will also see why it is that we can know with absolute certainty that Jesus is truly going to come again and when he does it will be the greatest thing that has ever happened for all those who have put their trust in him.