Kept By The Truth

Doxology in a broken world

July 10, 2021 • Tim Cain

In a world full of temptation where each of us have experienced our fair share of sin and failure the last few verses in Jude are meant to overwhelm God’s people with encouragement. There is one who is bigger than any temptation and he is able to keep his people from stumbling. Not only is he bigger than our temptations he is stronger than our sin and he promises to present his people blameless in the presence of his glory. These truths are meant to overwhelm us with joy and move us to give God the glory, majesty, dominion and authority that he deserves.

How to Contend for the Faith

July 3, 2021 • Wes Van Fleet

There is a final judgment coming for all humanity. When we become aware of people that are deceived by false teachers, what is our typical response towards them? Do we protect ourselves from them or do we show them mercy and remind them of the Gospel, praying God saves them from the judgment to come? Listen and hear how the Gospel reminds us of what we were once like and why ungodly sinners need the Gospel just as much as we once did.

The Imbalance of False Teachers

June 26, 2021 • Wes Van Fleet

In Jude 8-13, Jude exposes that the people who have crept in unnoticed among the church are false teachers. The way to know them is by watching their lives. They all have an imbalance that says one thing but does another. Listen and hear how the Gospel confronts and comforts our own imbalances in this life.

Contend for the Faith

June 19, 2021 • Joshua Moffit • Jude 1–7

Often times the warnings in Scripture of God's righteous judgment against the ungodly can be terrifying. As Jude calls us to battle to contend for the faith we come to realize that the enemy is within the gates - not only in our midst in the church - but within our very own hearts. What, then, is our only comfort in life and in death? That we are not our own, but belong to our faithful Savior, Jesus Christ. Jesus is our only refuge, our only comfort. Jude fortifies the faith of true believers with this comfort as he calls us to contend for the faith once for all delivered to the saints. Having received mercy, peace, and love from God through Christ, we offer him to those still in need of a refuge.