Eager Expectation

A Savior from Shame and Regret

December 25, 2021 • Tim Cain • Isaiah 49:23

All of us have put our trust in things that have eventually let us down. We are familiar with disappointment and the regret that comes with it. Often this regret leads to shame as we begin to wonder if perhaps it’s too late. But Christmas is about the day the goodness and loving kindness of God our savior appeared in order to free us from our shame and rescue us from regret. It’s not too late! In fact no one who puts there trust in this Savior will ever be put to shame!!

Learning to Wait Well

December 18, 2021 • Tim Cain • Psalm 62:5

The Bible calls us to wait quietly and eagerly and patiently upon the Lord, but that is far easier to said than done. How are we supposed to wait quietly without growing anxious? How do you wait eagerly without grasping for control? How do you wait patiently without eventually giving in to despair? These are the questions we will seek to answer in this message…

Waiting on God’s Victory & Hoping in God With Us

December 11, 2021 • Joshua Moffit • Isaiah 8:5–17

How do you respond when faced with a crisis? When your desires come under threat? When faced with a crisis do you seek God in order to receive more of him or do you simply go to him to get what you want? Whatever struggles you face remember the promise of Christmas – that God through his Son Jesus Christ has defeated our greatest enemy and has given us the sure sign of his salvation in the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. God’s people will wait on God’s victory and hope in God With Us. When the crisis comes – stand as the defiant remnant of God’s people and say to your enemies – sin, death, and evil – “You will come to nothing! You will not stand! For God is With Us!”

The Lord Waits to Be Gracious

December 4, 2021 • Wes Van Fleet • Isaiah 30:8–20

In the book of Isaiah, we read about God's own chosen people refusing to wait upon God. Instead, they seek protection from one of their enemies. As crazy as it may sound, we aren't much different. Waiting is hard for us and it often exposes what we truly believe about God. Listen and hear how the Gospel comes to comfort and empower those who will turn to God alone in times of waiting.