Advent: The Coming of the Light

The Glory, Character, and Presence of God in Christ

December 26, 2020 • Wes Van Fleet

In John 1:14-18, the Apostle John alludes to God revealing his glory, character and presence to Moses in Exodus 33-34 to describe Jesus taking on flesh and dwelling among his people. As 2020 comes to a close, we must ask if God's revelation of himself is enough to sustain us in our waiting. Listen and hear how John 1:14-18 is great news for all those who will listen.

Christmas Eve Service Devotional

December 24, 2020 • Tim Cain

Walking in the Light

December 19, 2020 • Tim Cain

All of us have things that we hide. We hide because we are afraid that if people really knew us they wouldn't love us. However, the problem with hiding is that it condemns us to live alone with the parts of us that are most broken and in need of help. But what if there was another way? What if the light that we fear didn't come to condemn us but to love us? In this message we will see that when the light of the world came and exposed our darkness he did it to rescue us not to reject us. We will talk about what it looks like to live in the light and the freedom that can only be found in being known and loved by our great savior.

The Witness

December 12, 2020 • Tim Cain

One of the hardest identities for God's people to live out is our identity as witnesses, sent by God with the message of reconciliation. In this passage we will look at the man that God sent to make his Son known to the masses and I think that we will find him to be an excellent model on what it means to live out our identity as a people sent by God to be his witnesses in the world. If you have found yourself struggling to live out your identity as one sent by God I hope this message will encourage you.

Advent: The Word was God…

December 5, 2020 • Tim Cain

Who is God and what is he like? John seeks to answer this question for us by saying, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God?” But what does this mean? How can someone be with God and still be God? Why does John call him the Word? And what does any of this have to do with us today? In this sermon we will seek to answer these questions and show why these truths are so vital for our lives today.