1 Corinthians

Sinners and Saints

Is Jesus Enough?

October 1, 2022 • Tim Cain • 1 Corinthians 1:26–31

What if where you are right now, in terms of earthy categories, was as good as things ever got for you? What if the current state you find yourself in was the place that God desired to be with you for the rest of your life? If that were the case do you think that his love would be enough for you? In this passage Paul reminds the Corinthians that God’s love for them has never been dependent on their earthly status and that what he has given them in Christ is enough.

Evangelism and the Cross

September 24, 2022 • Tim Cain • 1 Corinthians 1:17–25

Evangelism can be really hard. Often the fear of rejection or even of looking foolish to others keeps us from sharing the Gospel. We want to share the Gospel, but sometimes our inability to figure out how to make the Gospel sound attractive to others keeps us from sharing it. But what if the Gospel wasn’t supposed to be attractive to the values of this world? What looking like a fool was meant to tell us more about the person who is rejecting the Gospel than the person sharing it? And what if God has designed the sharing of the Gospel, with the rejection that often comes with it, to do a transforming work in the one sharing it and not just in the one hearing it? These are some of the questions we will consider in this message.

Unity in a Culture of Division

September 17, 2022 • Tim Cain • 1 Corinthians 1:10–16

We live in a time where people are very quick to divide over conflict and all of us are familiar with the pain that comes when people we love choose to part ways with us over a disagreement. Sadly this conflict isn’t just something we face in our culture but its something we experience within the church as well. In I Corinthians we see that we are not the first to experience significant conflict within the church. Here Paul comes entreat us to remember that we are on the same team and to seek to mend the relationships that have been torn apart by sin. Paul goes on to give us three different arguments for unity and what we will find is that these same truths can also be used to comfort those who are dealing with the pain that conflict and division within the church can cause.

Sinners and Saints: an Introduction

September 10, 2022 • Tim Cain • 1 Corinthians 1:1–9

The Corinthian church was a mess. They were tolerating sexual immorality, they were suing each other, they were getting drunk on communion, some were teaching that there is no bodily resurrection and they were using the spiritual gifts God has given them to make them feel superior to others. It was church filled with conflict and compromise. And yet Paul calls them “Holy” and declares that Jesus will sustain them until the end, guiltless on the day of Christ Jesus. How can Paul talk like this to a people that were so sinful? Why did he feel like this was the best way to address them? In this sermon we will seek to answer these and other questions.