The Power of the Cross

2 Timothy 1:6-10

July 18, 2020 • Tim Cain

Today, just as in Paul’s day, two forms of power vie for our attention. The world holds out a power found in strength that offers us control so that we can avoid suffering and gain significance. But in 2 Timothy Paul shows us another way. Here he offers a power found in our weakness for the sake of love. Rather than avoiding suffering this power enables us to endure it and instead of seeking its own significance this power enables us to consider other people more significant than ourselves. While on the surface the power that this world offers appears far more attractive in this sermon we will see that true freedom comes when we embrace the power of the cross.

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Rejection, Loneliness and the Gospel

2 Timothy 4:9-22 • October 3, 2020 • Tim Cain

Loneliness is something each one of us has felt. We feel it when we are abandoned by a friend or rejected by a family member; we feel it when a child moves out or a loved one passes away; we feel it when we thought we found the person who would take it all away, but somehow it remains. In 2 Timothy 4 Paul experiences deep loneliness. He has been forsaken by a friend, deserted by the church, and harmed by an enemy all as he sits chained in a dungeon waiting to die. However, as lonely as Paul feels he finds strength in the reality that he isn’t really alone and never will be again. This message will look at where Paul found hope in the midst of his loneliness and how we can find it as well.

Running the Race

2 Timothy 4:3-8 • September 26, 2020 • Tim Cain

In a world that calls us to follow our desires and avoid suffering Paul comes to offer us something worth suffering for. Paul describes the Christian life as a fight and a race but then he tells us what it is that makes all the sacrifices involved worth it in the end.

Preach the Word

2 Timothy 3:14-4:6 • September 19, 2020 • Tim Cain

What exactly is preaching and why does Paul think it is so important. Not only will we answer these questions but we will see that this passage doesn’t just apply to pastors, it applies to all of us.