Waiting In Faith When The Promise Is Delayed

Genesis 15

February 1, 2020 • Tim Cain

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The Danger of Success

Genesis 30:25-31:16 • May 8, 2021 • Tim Cain

All of us long for success in the things we care about most. However often we fail to take seriously the danger that comes with any success. In this message we will talk about two of the most common dangers that success brings with it and how the Gospel gives us the truths we need to navigate our way through these dangers.

Rachel and Responding to Brokenness

Genesis 30:1-24 • May 1, 2021 • Tim Cain

How do you respond when you encounter a brokenness that you can’t seem to figure out how to fix? In this passage we will witness a number of common responses to the broken things in our lives before we will finally see the one place where we can find hope.

God’s Love for the Overlooked: Leah’s Story

Genesis 29:31-35 • April 24, 2021 • Tim Cain

All of her life Leah had been forced to live in her sister’s shadow dreaming of the day that she would find a husband who loved her and finally be free of the comparisons with her sister Rachel. But that day never came. Instead, they both end up marrying the same man and Leah finds that her husband loves her sister far more than he loves her. For years Leah does all that she can to try and earn her husband’s love, but nothing is ever good enough. In fact every time she gets her hopes up they are met with crushing disappointment. If you have ever found yourself dealing with disappointment then this sermon is for you. Find out how Leah delt with the devastating disappointment in her life and where it is that she finally found the love she longed for. In the end you will find that the hope she found is just as available to us as it was for her.