Waiting for the Promise

Genesis 23

April 25, 2020 • Tim Cain

At this point most of us probably find ourselves longing for things to go back to normal. We feel like strangers in our own world and we miss the way things used to be. Abraham and Sarah were very familiar with these feelings. For over 60 years they wandered together as strangers and foreigners waiting for God to give them the land he had promised. Today we are going to talk about the temptations they faced as they waited and see what it was that enabled them to trust God while feeling like a stranger in the world. I believe that the things we can learn in this passage could be really helpful for all of us as we learn how to navigate these strange times.

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Dealing with Conflict

Genesis 31 • May 15, 2021 • Tim Cain

How do you respond to conflict? In this passage we get a play by play view of how both Laban and Jacob responded to a major conflict between them. As we look at each of their responses and consider why they did what they did I think we will be able to learn a lot about ourselves. Ultimately we will see how the Gospel is meant to change the way we approach conflict.

The Danger of Success

Genesis 30:25-31:16 • May 8, 2021 • Tim Cain

All of us long for success in the things we care about most. However often we fail to take seriously the danger that comes with any success. In this message we will talk about two of the most common dangers that success brings with it and how the Gospel gives us the truths we need to navigate our way through these dangers.

Rachel and Responding to Brokenness

Genesis 30:1-24 • May 1, 2021 • Tim Cain

How do you respond when you encounter a brokenness that you can’t seem to figure out how to fix? In this passage we will witness a number of common responses to the broken things in our lives before we will finally see the one place where we can find hope.