100% Baseball. 100% Ministry. The OKC Ambassadors is a discipleship baseball team designed for college level high school Juniors and Seniors. We play all across the U.S. for eight weeks during the summer. Traditionally the last week is spent internationally on a baseball mission trip. We have taken them to Nicaragua, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. This team is so much more than a team that prays together before a game. During the eight weeks of the summer our players will receive intensive Bible study training to help them learn spiritual disciplines in their lives as they prepare to go face the challenges that college life and the world are going to throw at them. As much as we challenge them on the baseball field, we also challenge them spiritually throughout the summer. We give them plenty of opportunities to share their faith with others and to use the game of baseball as tool that God has given them to build a bridge to someone’s heart. We have seen people come to know Christ on a baseball field that would have never stepped foot into a church. We provide our players this opportunity by hosting free baseball clinics for little leagues where our players will teach kids the fundamentals of the game of baseball, while also presenting the Gospel as well as their own personal testimonies. Our players are also matched up with an accountability partner for the summer so they can develop the discipline of being authentic with their lives with other Christian believers. We all need people in our lives that can pray for us and challenge us to be who God wants us to be. This is especially true for young men who are about to be on their own for the first times in their lives as they go off to college. We have a dream of impacting major league baseball through an elite high school baseball team for eight weeks in the summer comprised of upcoming seniors or recent graduates. This team will conduct baseball clinics in churches for kids while they play in key tournaments around the country and internationally.