Rallying the Troops

June 7, 2024
7:00 - 9:00pm

Dr. Chuck Pierce and Bishop Garlington both commented on the importance of our regional unity to secure the harvest and impact our territory. With this in mind, the Regional Transformation Initiative (RTI) has planned a "rallying of the troops" for an evening of sharing and unified prophetic worship, on June 7.

At the conference, Sheryl Price released the following word from a vision she received during Friday morning worship.

"During worship I heard the Lord say, A troop is arising! A troop is arising! And I saw what looked like an arrow, and it was pointing eastward. And as I looked into this arrowhead, it was filled with people and they were dressed in beautiful white robes. They were worshiping and they were each holding a lit torch that was brighter than anything I had seen. They began to move eastward and as they moved eastward when they got to Syracuse all of a sudden the arrow which was a 90 degree triangle began to move out and become a 360 degree circle and it encompassed the entire northeast. So Lord, we say tonight that from this place "A troop is arising! A troop is arising! A troop is arising and encompassing the territory with Your Glory!"

Join us as John and Sheryl Price lead us in an evening of "rallying the troops" through prophetic worship and intercession, as we ascend into His Presence, gain His strategies to release the Presence of Heaven into our Region, State and Nation, and watch Father awaken His ecclesia for the warfare ahead!

Regional Transformation Initiative Night of Prophetic Worship

June 7, 2024 at 7:00 PM

Victory Community Church

1619 Manitou Road

Rochester, NY 14626