Healing is For You (Wed)

Bible Study & Equipping Class

April 10, 2024
7:00 - 8:30pm

This series is intended to remove the barriers preventing you from walking in the truth and fullness of total divine healing! 

Apostle Emelio has often stated that it is time for Christians to break through the mindsets holding us back from walking in all Jesus died to provide to us through salvation. 

This class is a MUST for everyone! If you need healing, know someone who needs healing, or need to strengthen your faith, this class will equip you! Click the link below to order your training manual.

Class Format: The class manual is suggested, but not mandatory. The class materials (Divine Healing Technician) were developed by John G. Lake and Curry Blake. We will view training videos, and engage in class discussions and activations. The training manual is available in 2 formats: $25 Spiral bound soft cover book or $14 PDF electronic file ($6 discount applied at checkout for the PDF - Regularly $20).