Road to the Cross

Holy Week Devotional

Road to the Cross Day 1 - Palm Sunday

March 28, 2021 • Wade Smith

Experience the story of Jesus in a new way with our Road to the Cross 8-day devotional.

Road to the Cross Day 2 - Holy Monday

March 28, 2021 • Elizabeth Villwock

Not one of us can come to know Jesus, unless we are willing to crucify our old lives and begin to live in obedience to God.

Road to the Cross Day 3 - Holy Tuesday

March 28, 2021 • Cory Bragg

The truth is that we are never more like Jesus than when we are serving. It’s a simple way for us to bring a taste of heaven to earth.

Road to the Cross Day 4 - Holy Wednesday

March 28, 2021 • Bailey Steffen

We are in such an in-between time - we still yearn for a face to face meeting with Jesus, despite the Spirit being here. But there are rustlings of a new world coming where we will no longer have to substitute one for the other.

Road to the Cross Day 5 - Maundy Thursday

March 28, 2021 • Morgan Colander

While it’s easy to hear the name Judas and cast judgement, the harder, and more beneficial thing to do, is search for the Judas in me.

Road to the Cross Day 6 - Good Friday

March 28, 2021 • Travis Waits

God is for us. In fact, He loves you just as much on your worst day, as your best day.

Road to the Cross Day 7 - Silent Saturday

March 28, 2021 • Jenny Curtiss

When you find yourself sitting in the space between despair and hope, remember, God is there holding your hand, whispering, “I have a plan.”

Road to the Cross Day 8 - Resurrection Sunday

March 28, 2021 • Rachel Amidei

God clearly intends for us to understand that He was from the beginning, is our King today and will be victorious for all of eternity.