The Naked Truth: GROUP Resources

Groups: Week 1

Intro: Living into the Vision God Has For Our Lives • September 24, 2017

Intro: Living into the Vision God Has For Our Lives (Creation of the human person and relationship to God as it develops in Genesis 1-3) Big Idea: When we choose to live directed by God’s vision for our lives, we will flourish!

Groups: Week 2

Christopher West • October 1, 2017

Groups: Week 3

Why Bodies Anyway? My Body and The Whole Person • October 8, 2017

Big Idea: Contrary to the popular belief that our bodies are an impediment, a decorative accessory or vehicles of pleasure, our bodies are the visible expression of the irreplaceable, unrepeatable invisible person, inseparable from who we are.

Groups: Week 4

Married and Single: More In Common Than You Might Think • October 15, 2017

Big Idea: The Bible is full of images of marriage as a description of God’s invitation to both married and single persons to union and communion with Himself.

Groups: Week 5

What's Sex Got To Do With It? • October 22, 2017

Big Idea: God’s design for covenantal marriage speaks of the union of a man and a woman sealed by the visible sign of sexual union.

Groups: Week 6

Real Love: The Love we’ve Always Wanted • October 29, 2017

Big idea: We learn to combat the destructiveness of lust as we choose to give ourselves as a gift of sacrificial love to others as persons of immense value made in God’s image.