Joshua and Caleb

October 4, 2020 • Pastor Eric Jaffe

God’s people were enslaved and oppressed in the land of Egypt. They were in need of a SHIFT. They cried out for God to move and he sent Moses to be their deliver to lead them to the edge of the promised land? But who would actually lead them in? None other than Joshua. Joshua’s and his friend Caleb’s faith was something to aspire to. They first entered into the land as spies and saw huge opposition but rather than shrinking back they trusted that God would get them to where he wanted them to go while all the other leaders of Israel shrunk back. God would use them to do mighty exploits. This message is for anyone who might be crying out right now. Let their faith build yours. Let them help you believe that anything is possible when God is on your side. You like them can enter the promised land.

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November 29, 2020 • Pastor Eric Jaffe

As you look in the bible there is a lot of talk about birth. Bible talks about the baby Jesus being born in a manger, it talks about the Christian being born again, and the day of Pentecost represents the birth of the Church. The day in which the Holy Spirit was poured out on the body of believers and empowered them to be witnesses in the early church. His presence was accompanied by signs and wonders and in Peters 1st message he describes a day in the future where the Spirit would once again be poured out before the return of the Lord. We live in that day and age and need the power of the Holy Spirit more than ever before. Listen and apply the words of this message and watch what God does in and through your life.


November 22, 2020 • Pastor Adam Hardegree