The Glorious Story of the Gospel

January 10, 2021 • Pastor Eric Jaffe • War in the Heavens

This message is the kickoff for a new series of messages entitled War in the Heavens. In the weeks and months ahead we will be diving into deep topics surrounding walking in our authority as believers in Jesus Christ. Tearing down strongholds. Seeing people get freed and seeing people get saved. Before we can move on to those topics it is imperative that we understand the overriding story of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and come to grips with issues like the Creation, Fall, Rescue, and Restoration of mankind. This message aims to bridge those gaps.

Know Thy Enemy

January 17, 2021 • Pastor Eric Jaffe

In Sun Tzu’s Book The Art of War he writes, "Know thy enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles, you will never be defeated.” In line with that thought if we are ever to overcome the enemy of this world Satan we need to have an understanding of his fall, how he works in our lives to deceive us, and what his gameplan is. In this message we examine those things as well as our own hearts in line with God’s word with the hope that we will not be deceived but we will walk in the power, might, and anointing of the Holy Spirit to be overcomers.