Epic Week 33: From Major to Minor

August 19, 2018 • Pastor Brinson

Summary of the minor prophets Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah and Micah with a focus on Jonah.

Epic Week 32: A Greater Kingdom to Come

August 19, 2018 • Pastor Eric Jaffe

A Greater Kingdom Coming In A Greater Kingdom Coming [Jeremiah] it’s 640 years before the coming of Jesus and the chosen people are on the brink of their captivity into Babylon.

Epic Week 30: Psalms

July 29, 2018 • Pastor Jeth Looney

Epic Week 29: Esther

For Such a Time as This • July 22, 2018 • Pastor Eric Jaffe

In For Such a Time as This Esther finds herself the queen of Persia... and just in time too. Her cousin discovers a plot of the evil leader Haman to destroy the Hebrew people in exile. Can she stop him in time? It’s almost as if God Himself has put her in this position to help.

Week 28:Epic Week 28 : Rebuilding The Wall

July 15, 2018 • Pastor Kevin Nevillie

The Story of Nehemiah as he rebuilds the city of Jerusalem

Week 27: By the Waters of Babylon

July 8, 2018 • Pastor Eric Jaffe

By the Waters of Babylon Story of Ezra and the preparation for the return of Israel from captivity

Epic Week 26: The Daniel Fast

July 1, 2018 • Pastor Brinson

The Daniel Fast [Daniel] the noble and strong young leaders are taken into captivity to Babylon. Three stories we will be focusing on this week. Daniel and his three friends are among the noble youth taken into captivity by Nebuchadnezzar. But these four are not like the others. We see in the intro that from the very beginning they commit themselves to follow after God’s way even in the midst of the pagan environment.

Epic Week 25: If You, then I

June 24, 2018 • Pastor Eric Jaffe

Epic Week 24 : The Passing of the Mantel

June 17, 2018 • Pastor Eric Jaffe

The end of the story of Elijah and the beginning of the ministry of Elisha.

Week 23: Elijah and King Ahab.

June 10, 2018 • Pastor William Brown

Elijah and King Ahab. Story focus on Mt Carmel contest between God and Baal

Epic Week 22: Splitsville

Splitsville: Story of Israel splitting into the N and S kingdom

Epic Week 20 : From Scoundrel to Sovereign

May 20, 2018 • Pastor Eric Jaffe

1 Samuel 20, 24, 2 Samuel 5: 1-5 - God was blessing David, and this made Saul jealous. David narrowly escaped Saul’s murderous attempts with his life and begins many years of escaping into the wilderness with Saul trying to track him down to kill him. But God has His hand on David during these years and brings mighty men to surround him. Many adventures are had until one day Saul’s life comes to an end, and David watches as God sets him up as the next king of Israel.

David and Goliath

Epic Week 19 • May 13, 2018 • Pastor Eric Jaffe

In this weeks message from 1 Samuel 16 & 17 we talked about how Israel cried out for a King in spite of the warnings from Samuel. The majority of the message surrounded the selection and anointing of David as the future King of Israel and the battle between David and Goliath. Through the story we realized that we often try to put ourselves in David's shoes becoming the hero of the story when more often than not we are actually a lot more like the cowering Israelites. Which is ok, because David is really a type and shadow of who was to come. None other than Jesus himself who fights for us. Overcoming most of the difficult things in life are impossible apart from God. Let Jesus fight your battles for you!

Week 18

fads • May 6, 2018 • Pastor Eric Jaffe

Week 17

April 29, 2018 • Pastor Donald Shott