Living in the Presence and Power of the Holy Spirit: Part 2

Freedom • March 24, 2019 • Pastor Eric Jaffe

In this message we explore some of the differing opinions surrounding the gifts of the Holy Spirit and why they are just as important today as they were when God poured them out on the early church. Our hope is that the listener would earnestly desire the power and presence of the Spirit in their lives after listening to this message from God’s word.

Walking in the Power and Presence of the Holy Spirit: Part 1

March 17, 2019 • Pastor Eric Jaffe

In a world that longs to shy away from supernatural things or things we can’t understand in general it is the Holy Spirit and His presence that brings us wisdom, knowledge, understanding as well as some incredible gifts both in the natural and supernatural realms. In this message we aim to demystify Him and make the case that no Christian should be doing life apart from the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. In fact, it would be an impossibility!

Controlling the Doors to your Heart

March 10, 2019 • Pastor Eric Jaffe

Doors are everywhere in life. Doors are meant to prevent something from entering or protect something of value from getting out. In this message we explore the need for getting control of what comes into our lives through natural means like our eyes and our ears that ultimately affect our souls. We also examine the impact of the content we are letting in and the nature of how the devil works to either deceive or kick down doors while Jesus stands at the door and knocks. Mastering this area of our lives and living full of the Holy Spirit gives us the strength to withstand attack and be more than overcomers in Christ Jesus.

Freedom is Found in the Lordship of Christ

Week 3 • March 3, 2019 • Pastor Eric Jaffe

In this message we go into the tension of our human nature of desiring to be like God vs fully submitting ourselves to God. There are spirits like Baal and Mammon that compete for our hearts and try to misdirect us and ultimately enslave us so that we can’t worship God in Spirit and in truth. Yet as in all things God has given us a path to victory. Listen, learn, apply and bear much fruit!

Discovering the Antidote to Selfishness

Week 2 • February 24, 2019 • Pastor Eric Jaffe

As part of our Freedom series, we have been discovering components of what makes up our very nature as human beings. Why do we want to be the center of attention? Why do we seem so selfish at times? In this message, we explore the fall of mankind which resulted in our “Desire to be like God” and banished us from the very presence of God. We also discover the antidote to this problem which is none other than surrendering our lives to Jesus Christ who gives us a new heart, new spirit, and new desires. We who were once enemies of God are now part of the family of God and we are about our father's business. What is our father's business? Selflessly serving others with the hope that they too would surrender their lives to Jesus. Listen and find hope!

Spirit, Soul, and Body

Week 1 • February 17, 2019 • Pastor Eric Jaffe

In this message Pastor Eric shares about our triune nature as human beings. We are spirits, with a soul, that live in a physical body. Our spirit is eternal and will live on forever. Our soul is composed of our mind, will, and emotions, and our body well that's pretty self explanatory. God created us to worship Him and enjoy him forever but sin disrupts everything putting us into bondage. Yet prisoners rarely escape on their own. In fact we need a source external to ourselves to set us free. Who might that be? You will have to watch the message to find out.