The Intrinsic, Essential Function of Sisters in the Church Life


February 11, 2020 • R.K.

"The intrinsic essential function of a sister is to bring forth Christ as life into the church, into the Body. This is not a matter of what sisters do, it's altogether a matter of what they are before the Lord." Sisters' fellowship spoken by R.K. on January 11, 2020 in Anaheim, California.

Testimony Regarding Andrew Yu

February 9, 2021 • M.C.

A testimony regarding Andrew Yu after his memorial meeting. Spoken in Irvine, CA on December 27, 2020.

Reviewing Our Life Before the Lord

March 1, 2021 • T.G.

Tom Goetz shares about the helpfulness of reviewing our life before the Lord this past year and continuing to use the existing technology to further the practical outworking of the one new man.

Year End Fellowship

January 18, 2021 • M.C.

Fellowship on spending a longer period of time with the Lord at the beginning of each new year and gathering our family for a dedicated time in the Lord's presence. During such a time: recall, rehearse, reflect, repent, renew, and reset.