Old School Videos

Winter Camp Promo

Don't forget your snow clothes and deodorant! • January 6, 2009

Basketball Trick Shot

Haters gonna say it's fake! • August 16, 2016

Sometimes you can't make a simple free throw. Sometimes you can make shots from other continents. Which happens here???


The Trailer That No One Needs But Everyone Wants • January 5, 2010

Three words: Wow, Nerf Guns, Explosions, and wow.

Steve Crashes the Super Bowl

Doritos are such a mess! • November 2, 2010

David DeLauder submitted this video to promote Doritos during the Super Bowl. Do you all think it should have been chosen?!

We Don't Judge Easy

A Winter Camp Talent Show Promo • February 15, 2013

Andrew, Taylor and Michael, this year's talent show judges, released a music video to promo the talent show at WInter Camp Twenty Thirteen.

Winter Camp Infomercial

Snow Way!! • January 21, 2011

Our Winter Camp in 2011 was introduced with this AMAZINGINGLY FUNNY infomercial.

The Wizard of Tickets

Hopefully our heroes find the tickets!

Tickets at our weekend services have evolved over the years. We use to give out A LOT! In this video, our heroes must fight the evil wizard to get his treasure of tickets.

Grab a Snack!

We have so many snacks!

We have soooo many snacks in the snack shack. You used to be able to buy snacks with tickets. Take a look at this old school promo video.