Playlist 2016

Sampling the Psalms

Uses of the Psalms

Psalm 18:1-19 • June 26, 2016 • Scott C. Jones

Introduction to the series and the uses of the Psalms in the life of God's people.

Genres of the Psalms

Psalm 111 • July 3, 2016 • Jon Sgalambro

The different genres of the Psalms give us a glimpse into the different ways we can worship God.

Psalms as Narrative

The story the Psalms tell • July 10, 2016 • Scott C. Jones

Engaging the story the Psalms tell

Singing the Blues

Psalm 143 • July 17, 2016 • Scott C. Jones

The laments of the Psalms

What a Wonderful World

Psalm 29 • July 24, 2016 • Scott C. Jones

Our God is a God to be worshipped

All Apologies

Psalm 32 • July 31, 2016 • Scott C. Jones

Confession and Repentance. What do you do when the source of your suffering is your own sin?

What is Man?

Psalm 8 • August 7, 2016 • Scott C. Jones

The dignity, depravity and destiny of humankind

Fear and Faith

Psalm 27 • August 14, 2016 • Mark Twombly

Fear and Faith in the life of a person of God.

Taste and See

Psalm 34 • August 21, 2016 • Scott C. Jones

Taste and see that God is good all the time, especially in our suffering.

Fighting Words

Psalm 140 • August 28, 2016 • Dean R. Macke

What do the imprecatory Psalms have to teach about about reconciliation and forgiveness.

Wise Words

Psalm 73 • September 4, 2016 • Jon Sgalambro

God is our reward and he is better than the stuff this world offers.